Hearing a new product launch by Atari and wondering whether it is a console or a game has been considered outdate by the people working in Atari. Therefore, the people have developed a ridiculous and yet very impressive advanced technology hat. That’s right the new product in the market is the new Hi-tech hat by Atari. Though, the company just had announced the new Ataribox connected consoles and wearable Atari’s speaker hat. They are considered to be the oddest and the most unusual product of the century. This Hi-tech hat by Atari is powered by Audiowear technology. The first three cap designed in the baseball cap styles are hyped to make the debut at San Diego Comic Con and the futuristic Blade Runner 2049 special edition of Atari Hi-tech speaker hat is said to be available with the much anticipated sequel release this fall along with the other hi-tech wearable.

A variety of these Atari’s speaker hat would be launched later this year was told to Digital Trends by Michael Arzt, COO of the new Atari Connect division of the iconic brand. The debuting hats in the new baseball style have the name ATARI on the front and feature the company’s Mt. Fuji symbol. Currently they would be launched in blue and black as well as black on black versions only. The Blade Runner limited edition is said to be a cool and badass hat that will look like it belongs in the 2049 world.

The Audiowear speaker hat is seamlessly lightweight and is remarkably ultrathin and has all the digital and advanced technology features one is looking for. You may not believe but the Atari’s Hi-tech speaker hat ticks all the boxes which you may not even know existed in the very first place. Under the hood you will find high fidelity stereo speakers, microphone and a rechargeable lithium ion battery. The hat is said to be able to connect to nay Bluetooth enabled device let it be a smartphone, tablet, personal computer or your own iPad. The technology has been developed as such that the hat enables you to play music or other audio, initiate or accept phone calls, receive voice commands and more. Gamers can hear the same thing at the same time and also communicate and hear each other through the hats which will come as a blast to the augmented reality world. The sync has been developed with such precision and accuracy that it will provide a fundamentally new social audio experience.

No official release date has been announced as of now and Atari is offering fans a chance to win the hat through a competition and participate in the BETA testing phase unlike every other tech wearable. Because the brand is loved world-wide across all countries and by TV producers, film makers, musicians and enthusiast of gaming, Comic Con was therefore chosen as a global platform for the debut of these hats. Although Atari brand is constantly being approached by some of the top brands of gaming to make them a part of their propaganda, Atari has decided to take everything step by step. The brand has a great nostalgic value for people who have always been there for the support of the brand and it is because of Atari that we have friendlier digital lifestyle brand products.

This actually is considered to be the company’s larger comeback plan into the market as regarded by the critics because in addition to the hats Atari is also launching At games collection of Atari Flashback plug and play consoles which even today have not lost a little bit of charm. A new collection of games is said to be launched with the hats considerably of the categories just as same to that of Centipede and Rollercoaster Tycoon which are the best Atari classics.

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