Fitness Apparels: Why Today’s Active Women Are Running To Lucy Activewear

Lucy Activewear

Each one of us has our own peculiar definition of fashion apparels. While some of us associate fashion with style and grace, some fitness-conscious women out there want their apparels to reveal the healthy and fit sides of their persona. Accordingly, instead of falling for fashion brands, they prefer taking their pick from fitness apparel brands and stores.

Lucy Activewear

With intention to cater to such customers, a former Nike Executive formed Lucy Activewear, an American retail store based in Alameda California, in 1999. Since the year of its inception, Lucy Activewear has been catering to the workout clothing needs of every woman at every point in their lives. The major focus of the online store has always been to get the next innovative solution to ensure that every woman can embrace fitness and be confident as well.

Lucy Activewear flaunts a range of work out bras, tank tops, jackets, yoga flow tops, wrap vests and pants. They have also designed a maternity line to cater to the moms-to-be so as to ensure that they could stay active throughout their pregnancy. The store also offers extended sizes for the plus size woman.

Most women choose to shop at Lucy Activewear because it is a woman led brand and through their designs, they honor the work that women perform on a daily basis. In terms of designs, they do know their stuff, and everything what every woman needs. If it is yoga pants, you will notice that they have a flawless fitting. They have free tank tops, which enable you to breathe as you get your workout going.

Popular Products at Lucy Activewear

Lucy Activewear

The most popular products on sale at Lucy Activewear are their yoga pants as they have a snug fitting, their tank tops as a lot of thought went into their colors and their studio and lounging outfits as they are comfortable and give you just enough room to move but still maintain a fabulous look.

At the moment, Lucy Activewear does not ship outside America. Once you order an item on their site, you can check the status of your order by logging in and confirming your order history. If you are looking to save money on shipping, Lucy promo code is sure to help you save big bucks.

If you are a woman who loves to move while still maintaining your sense of style, Lucy Activewear has you covered.

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