How UI/UX Design Shapes the Future of Your Project?

How UIUX Design Shapes the Future of Your Project

Let your imagination draw a picture: you’re choosing a new bike. What will you pay attention to? First, when you are walking along the rows of «iron horses», you notice those which look nice and trendy. As you don’t want to have the image of an «out of date person», the appearance of a new vehicle matters for you. And you take one you like and like how you look with it. You read technical documentation, match your parameters with the definite model and buy it. But a bit later when you’re riding a bike in the field you can notice that the pedals are too narrow and slippery, the brakes don’t work as needed and the plastic bumper turned out to be so fragile that it broke on the first day.

So, in this situation we can say that the UI of the bike was nice and catchy, but your user’s experience was disappointing. Something of that kind often happens to the users of the apps: they download software conquered by its trendy appearance, but after the first negative experience in use, delete it. Google stats evidence that this fate was deserved by 25% of the apps. If you don’t want your digital product added to these stats, take care of all the characteristics of your deliverable due to the UI/UX design services. UI/UX designed by a recognized agency provides commercial success for the project in majority cases.

What’s the difference between UI and UX

Ifwe try to pack the explanation in several words, the answer will sound like: UI is how your product looks. This term describes the part of the app with which the user traditionally interacts. Being an important visual ingredient, the user interface provides the first impression and attempts to captivate the visitor with its illustrative content. But this is only the top of the iceberg. To enchant the visitors, you need to present the structure of information in a well organized and available for navigation format. So, UI is only a visualized part of a big scaled work for UX that includes different research and testing.

What can define the UI/UX design that is cool for your project

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Trying to figure out which UI/UX design is effective, examine the UI/UX design agency portfolio on worldwide-known resources. We mean websites like Dribble or Behance. If the work is highly assessed in a professional community, the chances you’ll deal with experts in their domain is higher. If you enjoy how the apps look and the references seem trustworthy, that’s good. In a nutshell, UI/UX design of the app should be inspiring users to try the product. And the way to navigate through the app should be accessible and comfortable for the users with miscellaneous backgrounds. If someone asks for special guidance on how to exploit the app, that’s a sign that something was done wrong. There’s no need in any effort to understand how the app works if the UI/UX design was tailored correctly.

What are the main principles of perfectly crafted UI/UX design

Intending to look at your project through the eyes of the expert in UI/UX design, you must be prepared for a bunch of work. You’ll need to try on the hats of a researcher, business analyst, artist, sociologist, marketer and psychologist. The opportunity to provide a high fidelity UI/UX design requires the expert to have a high level of empathy and outstanding creativity and analytical mindset.

In practice the task of the UI/UX design strategist is challenging: to find a fairway between something that the user got used to and something that he feels like innovative and catchy. So, the advanced expert in UI/UX design is a talented juggler who can follow these practice-tested principles.

1.   Trendy look

Colors, fonts and animations are like a dress for the app: it should be clear, beautiful and relevant to the purpose of the project. Let the visual part of the app convey the story of your brand in an elegant manner.

2.   Fast to reach any function

Another rule requires UI/UX design to provide access to any feature just in a pair clicks. If the user is forced to make three taps and more to achieve the aim, this evidences the UI/UX design is weak. The shorter the user’s way to the goal, the more exciting the experience it gives to customers.

3.   As simple as possible

You don’t need to build multi-layer functionality in order to impress the visitors. The transparent structure with logically structured blocks of information is a way to achieve user’s recognition. All the excessive features and visual elements that distract people’s attention are to be excluded from the product.

4.   Navigation obtainable to everyone

Not only does the professional avoid overloading with features, but he provides the best connections between the essential ones. The designed architecture of the information should embody the user’s most expected ways to find what he needs.

Also, the specialist in UI/UX design tracks the match between the project idea and the visual constituents of the solution. All the expressive means should serve to highlight the uniqueness of the app and convey its values to customers.

Why and how you can assess the efficiency of UI/UX design

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To answer the first part of the question, it’s essential to check whether your UI design firm is able to attract new customers and if the UX design it offers are delightful enough to encourage their retain and a positive reputation of the product. The signs that UI/UX design is at the top level are that it let the app be noticed in the crowd and boost the popularity of the solution among customers.

Traditionally one of the most available ways to ensure an unmatched quality of UI/UX design is to entrust this work to a good agency.

For example, at Purrweb the clickable prototype is always tested with real users: that helps to get rid of all the bottlenecks in navigation and create the product that is truly joyful in use.

So, focus your attention on the search for a talented contractor and half of the affair is done. The team where all the processes are established and the tools are horned can contribute much to the fortune of your project. Remember that UI/UX design is a basement for the rest of the construction of the product and this obligates you to invest enough effort to make it reliable and relevant to the market demand.

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