Maintenance of an Apartment in Turkey: The Main Expenses

Maintenance of an Apartment in Turkey

People are considering property abroad as a profitable asset for investment. Turkey is one of the ten most popular countries, chosen not only for investment but also as a region for moving to permanent residence. There is high demand for both ready-made housing and off-plan real estate. If you are going to buy a property in Marmaris, Izmir, or Oba, then take a look at the Turk.Estate website, which offers many options, among which you can find the optimal one depending on your budget and goals. It remains to figure out how profitable it is to buy real estate right now.

When planning to buy property in Turkey, you should think about the cost of maintaining your square meters. We will tell you how much it costs to maintain an apartment in Turkey, touch on the main categories of expenses – rent, tax fees, and other payments. 

Main Items of Expenditure

calculating Expenditure

An apartment by the warm sea in any civilized country is beautiful and prestigious. As for any square meters, in Alanya, Antalya, Belek, the owner will have to pay a monthly rent. The general utility bill in a luxury or standard residential complex in any Turkish city consists of the main items:

  • Aydat in the amount of at least 30 liras (approximately EUR 4) monthly (payment for complex services of the residential complex, – plant care, repair, maintenance, cleaning of all properties on the territory of the residential complex).
  • Electricity (a regular air conditioner costs around 100-150 liras).
  • Water (starting from 20 liras).

The prices for buying Turkish real estate and the subsequent maintenance are quite democratic. Much depends on the area of ​​housing, the number of people living on the territory, belonging to a particular class of the residential complex. It will take noticeably less money to pay for a simple apartment than to maintain an elite two-level villa in the mountains.

Utility bills

Realtors will tell potential owners of real estate in the designated country about the absence of centralized heating (due to the mild, warm climate). Houses are heated with:

  • Electric heaters.

The most expensive graph of utility bills is electricity. Local citizens are trying to reduce the level of expenses by installing solar panels – the savings are really tangible. The Turks are actively using energy-saving light bulbs, which results in additional savings. The meters installed in the apartments keep track of 3 tariffs. Energy consumption is calculated in different ways (the benchmark is a certain time of the day). The Turks prefer ordinary gas appliances to electric stoves (they use a gas cylinder).

Additional expenses

Maintenance of an Apartment

The real estate tax in Turkey is paid annually as a single payment (the amount is 0.1-0.3% of the price of the apartment). The maintenance of housing in the country costs about EUR 1,500 annually. The price tag is averaged, it can change (the parameter is influenced by the city, district, residential complex, the total area of ​​the real estate).

Real estate in Turkey

A combination of sea and sun, exotic oriental cuisine, exciting dives to the seabed, exciting shopping on the shore, belly dancing, ancient antiquities, and all these components comprise an ideal holiday. The idea to buy real estate in Turkey appears to a lot of people while on vacation in this hospitable country.

More than one hundred thousand real estate objects in Turkey are already owned by citizens from 89 countries of the world. And this mutual sympathy is growing day by day, making it possible to call Turkey one of the strongest players in the world real estate market. Visit Turk. Estate and choose the property you are dreaming of.

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