The Complete Guide to Choosing the Perfect Tapware

Choosing the Perfect Tapware

While your tapware might be one of the smallest items in your home, they are also one of the most important and most used items in your home. For this reason, you really don’t want to go wrong when choosing tapware for home renovation projects. Make that mistake and you just might have regrets every time you set your eyes on your taps.

To help ensure you don’t make such a mistake, we have compiled a guide on all you need to know about choosing the right tapware for your home.

Before we get to that though, let’s address one very important question:

Why Take the Time to Choose Your Tapware?

So why exactly do you need to consciously choose your tapware? Why can’t you just choose tapware randomly? Well, in truth, you can, actually. There’s nothing stopping you from doing just that. The fact that you can doesn’t mean you should though.

Your tapware is like jewellery. While every piece of jewellery might be beautiful in and of itself, not every one is a good fit for every occasion. Depending on the wearer’s costume, makeup, and even the kind of look they want to go for, the type of jewellery to be used would vary. The same goes for your tapware as well.

Since your tapware is the jewellery of your kitchen and bath, you do not want to just choose this jewellery randomly. Just as it is with choosing jewellery, choosing the perfect tapware for your home would require that you consider a number of factors, some of which we’d talk about below.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Tapware

1.   Tapware Use

Choosing Tapware

This should be the very first thing you consider ─ what am I planning to use this tapware for. This is where you also ask questions like where am I going to be using this tapware? Is this tapware for kitchens or is it tapware for bathrooms? Depending on your answer to these questions, the kind of tapware you choose should vary.

Let’s assume you are looking for kitchen tapware; one that would be used for fetching water into pots as well as for doing the dishes. Simply knowing this fact rules tapware that lay close to the sink. If you were looking for bathroom tapware, however, then those low lying tapware would not be such a bad idea.

2.   The Room’s Design

After considering the use of the tapware, the next thing to consider is the design of your room. Depending on your room’s design, your choice of tapware should vary. After all, your tapware should fit the overall theme and design of your room, be it a kitchen or a bath.

When choosing tapware for any room, make sure to choose one that matches the room’s general design. If your bath or kitchen has a minimalistic design, then choosing minimalist tapware would be a great idea. If the room has a luxurious feel to it, then you getting luxurious tapware would be just perfect.

3.   Compatibility with Sink/Basin

Compatibility of tapware

Remember that no tapware ever comes alone. If your tapware is the jewellery of your kitchen/bath, then the sink/basin is the purse or wallet that comes with it ─ you really don’t want these two not matching.

When choosing a tapware, always take your sink/basin into consideration, and one of the biggest things to consider here is the type of basin/sink you would be using.

Take for example if you were to use an under-counter basin in your bathroom. Here, you know you could use either those long taps that stand several inches above where they have been attached, or you could use the smaller ones which only rise just a few inches above the countertop. If you were to choose an on-counter basin, however, you’d definitely need a tap that stands several inches taller than the basin’s height.

4.   Mounting Style

When choosing what tapware to use, you can’t go against the design of the tapware itself. Depending on how the tapware was designed to be installed or mounted and what you need, you might or might not want to choose it.

If you are in need of counter-mounted tapware for example, then buying a wall-attached tap would essentially be a waste and vice versa.

5.   Specification of Tapware

best tapware

You’d also want to consider the specifics of any given tapware before choosing it. Since some tapware are designed to be used for specific, specialized purposes, you do not want to choose them for a purpose they weren’t designed.

Some tapware, for example, were designed to dispense water under high pressure. Others, not so much. If you know you would be needing your tapware to dispense water in highly pressurized jets of water, then you should choose a tapware that was designed to do just that. If you are looking for one that dispenses water in soothing slow streams though, then you want to go for that as well. Anything else would mess up the effectiveness of your tapware.

6.   Brand

Here is probably the last factor you have to consider when choosing tapware, but believe it when I say, it is in no way the least important. In fact, some people would even say it’s one of the most important. While this is up for debate, the fact remains that the brand you choose does go a long way.

Here’s the thing. Some brands are known for providing top quality products. Purchasing tapware from brands like this means you are most likely going to get state-of-the-art products. Other brands, on the other hand, are the exact opposite. You get a product from one of those brands, chances are, you’re going to get terrible products. So here’s our advice for you, before getting the tapware of your choice, do some research on the brand of your choice, and who knows, you might just save yourself some headache in the future

So there you have it. Consider these 6 factors before choosing a tapware for your home renovation and decoration ideas, and you can rest assured that you’re one step closer to making the right decision.

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