Things to Consider Before Buying a New Mobile Phone

Things to Consider Before Buying a New Mobile Phone

Use this list to make sure your next mobile device is everything you want it to be and more!

There’s no doubt that smartphones have come a long way in the last decade. Long gone are the days where these gadgets only contain a few simple functionalities, a decent camera, and an average amount of storage space. Nowadays, it isn’t a stretch to say that most of us can carry out a large part of our daily tasks and activities with the help of mobile devices. The technology has also infiltrated itself into businesses worldwide, whether big or small, by allowing us to stay constantly connected even while on-the-go. This is why people are always looking to upgrade to the next best smartphone, either for work or personal reasons, ensuring their devices serve them in the most efficient way possible. Are you in the market for a shiny new mobile device? Look no further than the checklist below that outlines five important things to consider before pushing that purchase button.

1. Size/ Display

A smartphone’s size is equivalent to its first impression for a potential buyer. After all, it is the very first thing any user will notice about a mobile phone, with some fitting right in the palm of a person’s hand and others feeling more like a tablet than a device that could slide neatly inside a pocket. However, this factor is really related to preference, as some people who frequently stream movies and videos prefer larger sizes of 6-inch whereas those who primarily use their mobiles for work and checking e-mails would be comfortable with a 5 or 5.5 inch. The same goes for display and resolution quality. An OLED display is generally considered to be the best and brightest, but aside from the technology behind displays, consumers should also check the phone’s refresh rate, touch response, and glass protection.

2. Battery Life

A mobile’s battery life is its lifeline, as without a good amount of daily juice, the technology is unable to carry out its duties and leaves users frustrated and inconvenienced. In the same way that display is up to the preference of the mobile holder, battery power is even more so. If you are someone who really only uses your device for light internet surfing and messaging, a 3500mAh would suit you just finely. However, if long gaming sessions are all you care about, these specs should look more like 4,500mAh, 5000mAh, or even 6000mAh. No matter if it’s the graphic-packed environment of a first-person shooter title like Modern Combat 5 or the thrills and one-of-a-kind action of an online casino title like Roulette, both genres are able to be played for longer if accompanied by a more powerful battery. In fact, a fully charged device with a quality battery system in place should last users the majority of an entire day, if not the whole thing.

3. Processor and RAM

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The type of processor and RAM a mobile contains is directly related to how well it will be able to perform. These two factors work together to present the various on-screen experiences that a mobile holder has throughout any given day. Again, gamers may opt for faster processing specs than other types of users. However, it’s safe to say that the majority of buyers across the board appreciate a high-powered processor that will ensure quality-speed navigation.

Apple iPhones are among some of the top-selling smartphones available today

4. Internal Storage

Nowadays, when a smartphone has a new release, they give users the opportunity to choose between a variety of different storage sizes that are priced accordingly. For example, Apple’s latest mobile product, the iPhone 12, starts out at 64GB with 128GB and even 256GB upgrade options for people who desire more virtual space. Consider how many apps, photos, and downloads you are likely to acquire and make the storage decision that will best fit these needs.

5. Camera Quality

Last but not least, camera quality is generally an important factor for many mobile users, as the ability to capture life’s happenings without an extra camera device is invaluable. Mobile cameras of today have become extremely technologically advanced, with many of them able to take crystal clear photos that rival ones that have been professionally done. Here, you’ll want to pay special attention to some specifications like sensors, lens quality, pixel size, and autofocus.

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