Tips to extend battery life of DSLR camera

battery life of DSLR camera

You have been using your DSLR Camera for quite some time but now you realize that it is losing its battery quickly as compared to your earlier usage. In fact, this issue has exaggerated to such an extent that you now miss catching up a perfect nature click for which you have waited long to capture due to the battery issue. You find problems that whenever the DSLR power is down, the batteries end up getting drained.

People tend to make mistakes that are draining the batteries too often. All you need to do is to explore these mistakes you commit and make the most out of the battery last to get the best from this idea. How about catching up the helpful tips to Extend battery life of DSLR camera as under:

The LCD Screen – use it smartly to extend battery life of DSLR camera

The LCD Screen in your DSLR camera also consumes power which it extracts from the battery. If you are using the LCD screen too often to check each photograph and checking the preview too often, then you are giving an extra load to the battery. You are not supposed to see the screen to often to make the changes in the menu as you can do the same with external dials and buttons. Keep in mind that the LCD screen happens to be the biggest battery damager. So, if you are wondering, how long does battery last, it has much to depend upon the usage of the LCD screen.

Avoid overcharging

Avoid overcharging

The other important to extend battery life of DSLR camera is to avoid overcharging it. The more you charge, the more you lose the efficiency of your battery time. To make the most out of the batteries of your DSLR, make sure you avoid overcharging. This will avoid killing the Lithium Ion cells in the battery and thus reduce the longevity of its life. This is one of the common mistakes that are draining your battery.

Pressing the half shutter button too often for focus

If you have the habit of pressing the half shutter button to get the focus too often, then you are again committing battery. How long does battery last would depend upon the way use your DSLR camera? Well, you may argue as to how on earth you would get a perfect picture with your camera. Well, then this argument is only suitable for people who are first time users or the amateur. Make sure you first finalize your frame and then start focusing over capturing the best picture. This way you extend battery life of DSLR camera.

The Automatic Flash


The other way to extend battery life of DSLR camera is to use the automatic flash smartly. First things first, there is no requirement of flash while capturing the photos. Hence if you have the option of automatic flash as clicked, then you end up hampering the quality of the photos. Using the flash can hamper the quality of the photos as these appear flat and unnatural and can even add some unpleasant kind of reflections. This ends up draining your battery. So, it is often recommended to use the external flash that will help you in saving the battery, while it uses the power of other battery of its own.

Unwanted features remaining active all the time

The other way to avoid issues like battery drainage is to disable the unwanted features that remain active all the time. The features like the image stabilization which all though remains a useful feature but has no business while you have mounted the camera over your tripod. Also, there are other features like beep sound, camera sound and similar other things to avoid the drainage of the battery. So, how long does battery last, will depend upon such trivial things.

Clicking the photos in RAW format

battery life of DSLR camera

As we know one requires a RAW picture for the high quality of pictures along with the full freedom in the post-production phase. But you barely need this feature when you are on your own private family trip or holiday when you really need to take some random shots. Now, you need to switch the formats during such point of time, and you end up reducing the resolution at the same time save the battery as well.

Switching on and off too often for senor cleaning

If you switch on and off your camera too often, then you end up hampering the battery quality and life. We see people doing it for sensor cleaning, which ends up putting too much load on the battery. Better use sensor cleaning brush or a blower that can help in reducing the job of doing this the other way.

Deleting images too often

battery life of DSLR camera

The other way we can save our battery is to delete the images at the later stage instead of doing it too often. Also, doing it too often has the risk of deleting good pictures as well. Instead, you can delete the pictures at the later stage and can even save them to learn from your mistakes. Avoid deleting the photos, instead save them in your machine.

Avoid the power saving mode

The other ways to make the most out of the battery is to know how to operate in the power saving mode.  There is no point in allowing your camera to stand idle with the battery put on use. Keeping your camera in power saving mode will switch off the camera after some time and then anyone touches it you can find the camera back in its original position. This will end up hampering the life of the batteries to a great extent.

Final words

Batteries are the lifeline of your DSLR camera. All you need to do is to avoid using the DSLR camera like an amateur. Avoid silly mistakes as discussed above by using your camera correctly. With this you can end up saving the power of your batteries to a great extent. If you have been doing this too often, better avoid them to get extra power without allowing your battery to die down.

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