AI, Internet of Things and other technologies that will dominate the future

Internet of things

AI, IoT (Internet of Things), Big Data are a few of the technologies which seem poised to dominate our future in almost every aspect of our lives. Our world is getting more and more inter-connected and driven by the internet. The new technologies are permeating into various parts of our work and personal lives – the cloud has changed the way data is stored and managed letting analytics be delivered almost at realtime. DVDs and other hardware storage may become obsolete in a few years time. With IoT, we’d be closer to the future which has been predicted by sci-fi movies, as we’d have intelligent objects that would react to us to such a degree that they would be almost human. Here’s a closer look at some technologies that will shape our future:

Big Data

Big Data means an immense amount of data which cannot be analysed using traditional data analytics. The future of big data is the application of ‘blockchain’ technology, wherein smart contracts are coded in a ledger system. The smart contracts are irreversible and provide much more security and efficiency in referencing data and execution. Many IT recruitment companies advise businesses looking to merge the capabilities of Big Data and blockchain to hire Hyperledger developers. For example, these specialists can create and deploy smart contracts to incorporate access control of big data.

Big Data on cloud is changing the way employees can access and use data, both structured and unstructured, which allows for faster and better analytics. Companies of all sizes are moving data from data centers to the cloud, as cloud vendors are offering processing platforms for big data and the expertise required to handle it. Also, the infrastructure cost has become much less and yet there is more flexibility. Resources saved can be deployed to design newer and better products making Big Data one of the technologies that will dominate the future.

Internet of Things

The IoT has made it possible for our gadgets to communicate with us, to understand our needs and to fulfil them. The smart machines in our homes and offices will perform unbelievable tasks. Refrigerators will reorder groceries, smart toilets will let us know if there is anything wrong with our health and our cars will drive themselves. The AI technology is evolving beyond just voice –controlled devices. It will soon deliver much greater contextual experience. Using acoustic understanding and wifi signals and cameras, ‘intelligent’ and connected things will have an enhanced understanding of their surroundings and the user’s requirements. IOT, AI and other technologies mark the future of our decisions. They will help us with our decisions no matter if they are major or minor.

Artificial Intelligence

In the list of technologies that will dominate the future, AI will be the one to look out for. Experts are of the opinion that AI would solve and create many problems, as more complicated cyber attacks will be possible with the help of this technology. Data thefts, personal and corporate and intelligent viruses will be on the rise. But the solution to this would also be within AI. IOT, AI and other technologies will mark the future with the inroads that developers are making in health and other important sectors.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Apple augmented reality glasses

You have experienced AR if you are a user of Snapchat and if you have played the game that the whole world is into right now, Pokémon Go. Pokémon is one of the best examples of AR design, using which a virtual layer was developed to interact with the real, physical world. AR is one of the technologies that will shape our future, as our AR devices will interact with our smart homes and offices to make great displays when we need them.

The significance of linked technologies

Tech predictions in the past have missed their mark, especially regarding the time of universal application due to experts viewing tech trends in isolation. For example, IoT cannot succeed on its own, but can have a much wider use in tandem with artificial intelligence.

The latest emerging technologies such as blockchain, virtual reality and messaging bots are being hyped, but one needs to look beyond the hype and dig deeper in order to link these technologies and use them. It is predicted that once AI, IoT, smart home technologies and AR are linked, they will fall seamlessly into place within a decade and will become the technologies that will dominate the future.

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