How to Become a Successful Freelance Writer


Depending on who you ask, freelancing may be a tremendous opportunity for budding professionals, or it may represent the downfall of writing as a trade. Regardless, freelance writing is only going to grow in popularity in the coming years. Given that fact, it’s important for all prospective writers to understand how to make a living as a freelancer –– even if they plan on pursuing other possibilities down the line. Here, we’ll explain the ins and outs of becoming a successful freelance writer:

Always Hit Your Deadline


There’s no faster way to ruin your own reputation and make it next to impossible to excel as a freelancer than to miss a few key deadlines. Business owners hate dealing with freelancers who can’t deliver results on time, so if you feel you’re struggling with time management aspect of a project, make it a point to contact your business partner well in advance of a given due date. In many instances, people will be happy to support you with guidance, assistance, or additional days to complete a tough assignment –– but you have to ask for those resources first!

Do Your Homework

Each freelance writing project is unique. As such, freelancers need to be willing to research a topic extensively before they ever begin writing about it. What’s more, it’s imperative for freelance writers to have a solid understanding of their audience in order to craft a piece to suit their preferences and address their needs. Remember also that freelancers have to cover a wide array of subjects. One day, a freelancer may have to write about where to find STD screening near you, while the next they’re outlining why the stock market crashed in 2008. If you’re not willing to learn about new things, then freelancing may not be for you.

Build Strong Connections

Build Strong Connections

As with any walk of life, who you know it just as important as what you know. Though freelancers operate independently, they nevertheless need to build business relationships in order to secure lucrative accounts. Networking can be a tricky skill to improve, but freelancers have to know how to connect with clients to win them over.

Never Give Up

Rarely do freelancers find immediate success as soon as they enter a new field. Rather, freelance writers need to be intrepid and to persevere through difficult times before they can reach their goals. Working out of temporary offices and taking on menial tasks that no one else wants might not seem like the most glamorous career path, but those who stick with freelancing can eventually experience great satisfaction and enjoy many benefits.

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