Shifting sands: Mouse for Men with flexible touchscreen and pressure sensitive technology

Mouse for Men

Computers and laptops are more common than they ever were. Therefore, what earlier people used just for utility has now become a part of a bigger spectrum. In fact, even when it comes to computer mouses, people choose not only the ones that provide them with higher specifications, in addition, they also pay a great lot of attention to the specifications. Furthermore, even when it comes to safety and comfort, they want the best. Keeping all this in mind here’s Mouse for Men and some more highly functional and luxurious mouses that are irresistible to operate. Check them out.

Mouse for Men

The concept

Mouse for Men

Developed for LG Cube Competition 2010, the “Mouse for Men” by Indian designer Nitin Mane is a mouse concept with a flexible touchscreen and pressure sensitive technology to enhance the experience of modern geeks. Inspired by the original mouse, the new mouse includes a separable tail for the ease of use. Based on the design and position of the human hand to enhance the comfort, the futuristic mouse seems to place buttons in opposite directions, though they work like contemporary mice.

The shift

In the recent past we have marked a great shift in the form and function of electronic gadgets, thanks to latest design techniques and innovations in technology. The wireless optical mouse is the latest PC accessory that eliminating internal moving parts of the mechanical mouse uses a light-emitting diode and photodiodes to detect movement relative to the underlying surface. However, nobody thought about the mixing of the touchscreen with a mouse that presenting touch controls will make the mouse and user-friendly. Furthermore, mouse for men is also ergonomic, which is a quality that we usually ascribe to good quality chairs. Check out the slideshow to go through some highly efficient mice of the future.

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Forces behind the shift

With the changing needs of modern workspaces we need some highly efficient and functional gadgets to enhance the work efficiency and keep up the pace with rest of the world. Since touchscreen technology is improving day by day and becoming an integral part of modern lifestyle, it can play an important part in enhancing the usability of contemporary gadgets. Moreover, users are looking for more decent devices to keep updated with modern technology.

The windward side

The Mouse for Men comes with OLED touchscreen interface and status display, allowing users to customize buttons and menus according to their work needs or individual preference. Featuring a customizable thumb launcher to quickly access the need of the user, the touch sensitive mouse also allows emergency charging at end of normal battery life. Designed for easy handling, the concept mouse integrates a heat sensor to know the current heat generated by your hand on the screen, so you could take care of the screen and your working hours as well. While on/off launchers with customizable menu on both sides avoid undesired contact with the thumb launch menu.

The leeward side

Touchscreen devices usually have no additional keys and this means when an app crashes, without crashing the OS, you can’t get to the main menu, as the whole screen becomes unresponsive. In addition, touch sensitive devices usually have low precision, with virtual QWERTY keyboards being one of the most annoying things. Moreover, touchscreen devices require massive computing power which leads to slow devices and low battery life.

Some more innovative mouse designs like Mouse for Men

1. Mouse that relieves stress

100 s2f1w 58

Chances are that you have overlooked the most basic device that could possibly cause stress and RSI. What is being referred to is your obligatory mouse. Mizanur Rehman from UK took a more cynical view of this seemingly insignificant device (from stress point of view) and came with a vibrant concept mouse that is described as ‘Alien Mouse.’ Staying true to the name, the Alien Mouse is designed to mold to the user’s hand and thereby prevent RSI and reduce stress. But it does not stop there. It vibrates and relaxes the muscles as one continues the heavy duty clicking. It is a must-have for people who prefer products that reduce stress.

The unconventional design is completely supported by research into ergonomics. The make, too, seeks to further the ergonomic theme. Mizanur wants to create a body that’s composed of soft gel and cellulose, providing support to the critical areas of hand and arm. The frame can be configured by the user especially to this end.

Alien Mouse is composed of several inter-related parts; each with a distinct function to perform. The scrolling and pointer movement is handled by a central joystick; this essentially means no movement of the mouse itself. Using optical infrared, the Alien Mouse further tries to reduce stress caused by the constant movement of the hand. However, there’s nothing alien about the connectivity and the concept lends to USB 2.0 and wireless connection.

2. Bar Scroll

ball scroll

Inspired by the natural palm position when rolling a little ball between the thumb and fingertip, Canadian designer Danilo Cvjetkovic has come up with a hand-held mouse concept. It lets you browse on the net for long periods without straining your hand. Entitled the “Ball Scrool,” the pad-free mouse integrates three buttons and a scrolling ball. It provides a smooth and brisk net navigation. This mouse is ideal for both the right and the left-hand users. Furthermore, the wireless mouse comfortably fits in your hand. This minimizes repetitive motion strain, thus enhancing your work efficiency. In addition, it also has an ergonomic design derived from the palm configuration. Moreover, the radical mouse has everything (style, technology and comfort) to attract the geeks.

3. Pat Pad

petpad deformable mouse 01

Inspired by an anti-stress ball, used for muscle relaxation, Italian designer Patrick Staudt has developed a deformable computer mouse. It adapts to the needs of the user while easing out the muscle stress during extended work sessions. Hailed as “PetPad,” the malleable mouse integrates buttons underneath the base plate, which can be controlled by lateral tilt. The PetPad comes with different kinds of cushion colors, shapes and sizes, for the user can remove or replace the upper cushion with other pillows with minimum fuss.

4. I Contact:

I Contact mouse concept

In this technologically advanced mouse design, a lens similar to any other contact lens, we generally use, is inserted into the eye. The only difference is that this lens has several sensors that track the eye movement and relay the position of the eye to the receiver connected with your PC. With this mouse, users will be able to control the mouse click with the blink of eye.

5. Apple Slim Mouse:

Apple Slim Mouse Design by Tryi Yeh

This Apple mouse comes with Bluetooth and can be micro-adjusted to switch between laser of 1600dpi and trackball of 400dpi. In addition to it, the mouse will be available in plastic and aluminum finishes. However, the use of trackball in the design does look out of place for today’s world.

6. Arc Mouse:

Arc Mouse Concept

In case you find it difficult to operate the mouse over the curved arm of your chair or over your leg, then Arc Mouse could be a solution for you. Particularly designed to operate over curved as well as flat surfaces with ease, Arc mouse works on wireless connectivity, making it easier to work at places where a flat desk is not available.

7. Leaf Wireless Mouse:

Leaf Wireless Mouse

It is a concept mouse with self-sustaining features, which means you will not have to worry about changing batteries or charging them. As the user switches on the mouse and moves it around, the Wireless Mouse generates kinetic energy through various motions power itself. In short, the mouse is self-sustainable and does not require external power.

8. Levitating Computer Mouse:

Levitating Computer Mouse

It is a wireless mouse that uses a mouse pad as the base and a floating mouse with a magnet ring. The main aim of this mouse is to prevent as well as treat CTS or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in people who use the computer for longer durations. The CTS arises due to extra pressure on the median nerve of the wrist and results in numbness and muscle damage in fingers. Thus, the Levitating Computer Mouse helps prevent the extra pressure on the wrist of the user and ensures complete safety.

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