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Concept puts Velomobile in an ‘American form’

The Velomobile concept from designer Joseph Campbell, is intended for making the Velomobile “more American” and suitable for America’s current transport grid. Most of the velomobiles in action are European, small and aerodynamic; the new…


Snaefell motorcycle sidecar combines biking in car luxury

Nowadays, a motorcycle sidecar might not arouse the same ecstasy as it used to bi in early days, but the latest vehicle by Francois Knorreck is a sidecar with difference that gives an entirely new definition to the sidecars. Dubbed “Snaefell,” the..

Snaefell motorcycle sidecar

Next-gen Ferrari 612 GTO with a high-performance GTO twist

Inspired by the classic Ferrari 250 GTO, German designer Sasha Selipanov has envisioned the next generation 612 Scaglietti that touts a refreshing design as well as technology to scorch the road. Dubbed the “Ferrari 612 GTO,” the car concept…

Next-gen Ferrari 612 GTO

Hubless monster bike: Raked out chopper sans spokes

We have in the past seen some of the most fantastic bikes, but running a bike on hubless wheels is just too much of an improbable idea. However, keeping their obsession for class-apart bikes up and high, the biker boys at Amen Design have come up…

Hubless monster bike

Foldable scooter lets treehuggers move around in style

If you’re a real lazy bum who also happens to be a treehugger, this eco-friendly scooter concept is something you should definitely exchange for that horrible old rickety bicycle mod that makes your dog do all the work. Created by industrial designer.

Foldable scooter
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