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Lars Martensson gives the Datsun 240Z a Swedish touch

Inspired by the earlier Datsun 240Z, Swedish designer Lars Martensson has come up with another Datsun 240Z car that, though autonomous, presents almost identical features and exterior of the original version, other than presenting crisper and cleaner…

Lars Martensson

Colim: Separating the car from the caravan

Bridging the gap between caravans and regular cars, designer Christian Susana has popped up with a multifunctional vehicle that functions as a caravan, when used as a whole, but when detached from the home part, it can also be used as a small car….

Colim Caravan Concept

Hotrod concept promises a thrill-filled ride

Blending a classic hotrod roadster feel with a modern-day-form language, designer Tristan Hipps, the creator of the Olympian Mega Yacht, has yet again popped up with a futuristic car that seems to redefine the classic version of the hotrods with its…


Omo ski-bike combines the features of a snowboard and a bike

Combining the features of a snowboard and a bike, designer Mark MacMahon has come up with a hybrid BMX/snowboard snow bike that you may ride like a bicycle on the snow-clad slopes. Entitled the “Omo,” the ski-bike lets the riders use their center.

Omo ski-bike

Skoota: Portable electric scooter allows zero emission ride

Pollution and parking are possibly two major problems of urban areas all over the world. Making the cities a better place to live in, designer Stuart Emmerson has popped up a portable electric scooter that provides safe and sustainable commutation in.

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