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Laptop Felt Sleeve doubles as mousepad

While laptops or notebooks have come a long way in both design as well as technology in a short span, there is no reason for laptop sleeves to remain weird and static. Designed and patented by Redmaloo, the “Laptop Felt Sleeve” is a neat and sleek..

Laptop Felt Sleeve

LEDtube, a wall-mounted flip-out mini light

Table lamp or lamp shade on the bedside table may appear an ideal lighting for your late night work or readings, but they occupy too much of table space and creates a web of wires around the table. Removing the clutter of bulky lighting from your…

LEDtube, a wall-mounted flip-out mini light

Philips Fluid smartphone with flexible OLED display

With modern gadgets getting smaller and better to replace the jewelry or fashion accessories, the contemporary jewelry designers may have to face a tough time in the days to come. Yesterday we covered the Bricell Jewelry Phone in the blog, and now…

Philips Fluid smartphone

15 nano-engineered gadgets to make the trend soon

Nanotechnology or nanotech, the study of the controlling of matter on an atomic and molecular scale, has brought about a revolution in the field of science and technology, for it has the potential to create many new materials and devices with a vast..

nano-engineered gadgets

The color rings is wireless-est way in cellphone communication

Inspired by the gestural language depicting the use of the phone, the color rings by BCK design team, including Javier Bertani, Ezequiel Castro and Vera Kade, are an accessory for your mobile phones that apart from making your chatter more natural…

color rings

Stork: Portable ultrasound machine boon for expectant mothers

Medical gadgets, apart from their utter utility, are perhaps the squarest devices that have least to do with designing or aesthetics. However, the Bridge Design, a Bay Area firm specialized in medical device, has come up with a sleek and portable…

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