Portable Shelter provides refuge to the homeless

Over the period, there has been a rapid growth in the number of homeless or people living on the streets, thanks to the population burst and partially the economic meltdown, all over the world. Addressing the issue, designer Charles Heydinger has…

Portable Shelter

Sliding house that changes shape at the push of a button

One push of a button and the Suffolk home starts to change shape. Ross Russell, with his friend Alex de Rijke, spent a year designing and building his moving house. It just takes six minutes for the steel and wooden shell that covers the building to..

Sliding house concept

An attractive chandelier made of used beer bottles

Did you have any better idea of using your used beer bottles than this? It is quite amazing and unique idea to use your beer bottles to make a chandelier. The design is completely different, is two tiered and includes 52 beer bottles for the…

An attractive chandelier made of used beer bottles

Illuminate house in style with chic Lady Jane Table Lamp Timber

I have come across a wide spectrum of new-generation lamp shades and to me each one seems so distinctive from the other. Take a look at this amazingly sophisticated (perhaps owing to its yellow-brown color combo?) lamp shade from the house of Kevin…

The Lady Jane Table Lamp Timber

Bionic Submarine to keep our oceans clean and green

Submarines have existed from quite some time and have gone through many changes over these years. They have been an important part of wars and delivering weapons. A submarine named Bionic Submarine has been crafted by Tamas Nyilanszky, Bianac…

Bionic Submarine

A modular house made out of reused pallets

Winner of the Gaudi European Student competition, the “Pallet House” by Schnetzer Andreas Claus and Pils Gregor, students from the University of Vienna, is an energy efficient house that allows sustainable lifestyle at a low price. Finished in…

A modular house made out of reused pallets
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