Lavoro: Mobile workstation to work on your MacBook on the go

mobile workstation lavoro

Not everybody understands the stress of being a freelancer or working from home. Inside your home, you rarely get the correct environment to work. If you go elsewhere, then you have to carry a number of gadgets and equipment with you that make your task even more difficult. When facing such problem, you should opt to buy some mobile workstation. It would make your work much easier. Here is a list of the 7 best mobile workstations from which you can choose the one that best serves your purpose.

  1. Lavoro: Mobile workstation

mobile workstation lavoro 01
Remember Luke Riggall, the designer of the sleek Novanta workstation? For those who do, here’s another stylish workstation from the maestro and for those who’ve not known him, this is a portable workstation that can be reckoned with. The “Lavoro,” as the designer call his new workstation, is an organized case, suited perfectly for MacBooks, that doubles as a mobile workspace for the trendy users. Featuring adequate space for all your equipment, together with iPod/iPhone, earphones, pens, pencils, ruler, mouse and papers, in a very luxurious and unique case. The Lavoro also touts a thick, white leather, padded MacBook slot. In addition, the mobile workstation presents slide out mouse tray, together with an off-center handle to counter balance the weight of the MacBook. The portable workstation is available in a variety of wood finishes, including oak, walnut, cedar, teak and cherry, sealed with rubber to keep your equipment safe in the watertight case.

mobile workstation lavoro
mobile workstation lavoro 04
[Cheers Luke]

  1. Yardmate mobile workstation concept

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The brainchild of designer Laura Magee, the Yardmate is an innovative new mobile workstation concept created especially for outdoor gardeners. What the design does is that it basically improvises upon the good old basic home workbench and modifies it to suit the particular needs of gardening. With a potting space, tool storage and additional display space for flower boxes. The design encompasses everything a gardener needs within a single design that also features handy wheels to allows users to move it to different parts of the garden, which of course saves them a lot of time and effort and lets them have all their gardening essentials at an arm’s distance.

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Source: Axis of Design

  1. Tuto mobile workstation helps analysts study sea turtles

tuto mobile workstation 01

A new mobile workstation called Tuto by 2y1dea is an ideal sea turtle care machine for people who work in the sea or are engaged in taking care of sea animals. The two-wheeler, hand-pushed vehicle has several functions that help you analyze and observe the turtles properly. The contrivance helps one analyze and observe the behavior of sea turtles.

Tuto is also provided with a seat so that person can check the turtle in a comfortable position. The stretcher vehicle, exclusively designed for sea turtles, has many pairs of elastic bands to keep the turtle in the desired position. It is developed in such a way that it can keep the heavy turtles in balance. It has another function to check the weight of the turtle in pounds or kilograms. The mobile turtle workstation helps the analyst check the body measurements and take blood and tissue sampling of the sea turtles.

tuto mobile workstation 04

tuto mobile workstation 03

tuto mobile workstation 02

tuto mobile workstation 05

  1. Bud: Adjustable Computer Workstation 

adjustable computer workstation 2
If Globus mobile workstation wasn’t good enough to quench your thirst for ergonomics, mobility and comfort, designer Won Shik Yu has popped up with a stylish computer workstation named “BUD”. It may give a breathing space for the trendy users in pursuit for a perfect portable workspace. The UK-based designer drawing inspiration from the born of ‘flower bud’ has brought the ergonomic and architectural excellence together in a single artifact.

It is designed for the users of any age and gender. The adjustable computer workstation allows a wide range of adjustability and comfort for the users always on the move. Finished with fiberglass, the two halves of the plastic globe splits to provide a very comfortable seating space. If you are one of those who don’t concentrate on work without the home comfort, the movable workstation solution is an ideal pick that gives you a personal workspace wherever you go.

adjustable computer workstation 1
adjustable computer workstation 3
adjustable computer workstation 4

Via: Coroflot/ Tuvie

  1. Portable Workstation becomes a notebook, digital DJ turntable and more

portable work station 01

Conceived by British designer Umang Dokey, the “Portable Workstation” is an innovative system. It presents an automatic opening mechanism that makes unfold into a notebook or laptop for the users on the go. Featuring a folding base for better heat ventilation, the portable system also includes a digital pen. This pen  lets professionals draw and write on the screen. The cover of the workstation doubles as a detachable keyboard for the ease of use. Integrating enhanced hardware as well as software, the system turns into a digital DJ turntable. This connects the laptops of a number of DJs while playing. The Portable Workstation accommodates all the arrangements in one compact station. It also features a flexible mechanism to allow different working or viewing positions to the users. Check out the video after the jump.

portable work station 06
portable work station 03
portable work station 07

Via: Umangdokey

  1. Acacia portable workstation folds into a suitcase

acacia workstation

Drawing inspiration from the human touch with nature and each other. German designer Andrea Ortega has created a portable workstation that fold into a suitcase for easy storage and transportation. Comprising a chair and table, the foldable furniture unit lets the users move their workspace  wherever they want. Not only you can use it  as a single unit, the mobile workspace also supports teamwork. You can plug it with other units to allow interaction or discussion on a mutual project.

acacia 04
acacia 04
acacia 05

[Cheers Andrea]

  1. Globus mobile workstation by Artifort

globus 1
Developed by Dutch company Lande Productie Schijndel BV for Artifort and Gispen, the Globus is a multi-functional flexible mobile workstation. The Globus has a molded plastic globe with two sections supported by a cast aluminium base on wheels. The two halves of the plastic globe split open to provide a very comfortable seating space. The provide it in one  small adjustable table that functions as a worktable in the other. You can customize the entire unit with a choice of colors for the footplate, the globe and the seat itself. The space-saving workstation is ideal for both home and office spaces and is perfect for hotel lobbies and airport lounges.

globus 2

Source: Architonic

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