Architecture Guide

15 Floating Structures staring in the face of the future

The pace with which world population is growing, combining with increasing water level of seas and oceans due to global warming, we sooner or later will have to discover some new places or find new ways to accommodate more people in the days to come…

Mermaid-Inspired Aquatic Building

Urban Caterpillar is an instant housing for homeless

Homelessness is a global problem, and the statics show that nearly 500 million people worldwide are deprived of adequate housing. Catering to the need, designer Abby Brazier brings an emergency assistance to house the people who are urban nomads, or..

Bubble House

Unique Mushroom Shaped Holiday Homes and Other Creative Houses

Your idea of fun filled holidays would be beach, blue waters, clear sky and cozy huts. But what if the huts are these uniquely shaped mushroom homes? If you are already craving for such a distinctive destination then get set to pack your bags for…

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